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Mediem has created and developed, in over 30 years on the market, a marketing strategy that allows it to acquire essential information to finalize the sale of a property quickly and more effectively.

The marketing tools we have created to achieve these goals are based on the synergy of the 4Ps in our marketing mix and of 2 fundamental performance indicators.


The 4P of Mediem Marketing

Product - ValueMediem

This is Mediem’s property enhancement programme:
• Preparation of a bespoke floor plan
• Possible proposal for adjustment to market needs
• Home staging consultancy

Place - GeoMediem

Mediem’s geo marketing tool that allows you to estimate market potential through:
• Analysis of the area social and demographic data
• Analysis of competing properties in the area
• Profiling of the potential buyer

Price - StimaMediem

Processing of market data for the local area over the last six months:
• Analysis of valuations for similar properties
• Analysis of transactions for similar types
• Estimate of the minimum, average and maximum value of the property.

Promotion - PromoMediem

Mediem’s promotional mix which includes
Advertising: leaflets, internet campaigns, property portals
Promotion: activities aimed fort a wider user base
Direct Marketing: activities aimed for selected users
Home Book: property brochure, photo shoot, virtual tour, commercial plan

The 2 Mediem Indicators

Over the years we have developed two fundamental indicators that are essential for measuring the commercial potential of a property and the effectiveness of our promotional activities.

Indice di Vendibilità Immobiliare (Property Saleability Index)

The indicator designed by Mediem to measure the commercial potential of a property.
Much more than a simple valuation, the PSI determines:
• time required to sell
• target buyers
• marketing mix

Indice di Gradimento Immobiliare (Property Popularity Index)

The indicator designed by Mediem to measure the response to the marketing mix employed by means of:
• media analysis
• target market check
• Product cycle check


“If you can’t measure something, you can't improve it.””

Lord William Thomson Kelvin




You will be contacted by one of our consultants and receive all the information you need.
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