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About us

Mediem started out as an estate agency in Milan in 1987, when its founder Sergio Candeloro, after many years of experience in the sector, decided to create a more flexible organization attentive to the needs of families.

Mediem has developed innovative projects and methods, and in over 30 years of activity, has consolidated a strong, all-round business, offering exclusive solutions to bring together supply and demand effectively and rationally.

Among its successful initiatives, the Maximum Useful Quality (M.Q.U.®) working method, applied to all aspects of the property business, is particularly appreciated.

In a few years Mediem has grown, seeing ever greater success in the housing market, not only in the Milan area, but also on the French Riviera, to become one of Italians leading companies in the sector.

Mediem-branded services are supported by our exclusive marketing tools, created, and developed in over 30 years of activity, which allow us to acquire essential information.



What we do

Mediem Agency

The leading agency based in Italy for the French Riviera property market.

We are the only Italian real estate agent operating on the French Riviera, and we are perfectly integrated into the context and dynamics of the French property market.

Mediem Agency

Selling your House with Mediem: the only real estate agent that lets you choose from among 4 different ways to sell a house.

Buying a House with Mediem: save time and take advantage of exclusive information with 4 dedicated services.



Our marketing approaches

To analyse and interpret the needs of the market we use targeted marketing tools, developed in over 30 years in this sector. This allows us to acquire essential information aimed to sell a property quickly and more effectively.


Our method: M.Q.U.®

Over the years Mediem has accumulated a wealth of experience, allowing it to develop an innovative method which it has applied to all aspects of the property business.

This method forms the basis of the software created in-house with which our professionals work daily, obtaining enormous benefits in achieving their goals.

This innovative criterion is based on a crucial premise, that of measuring the elusive concept of quality.

The result, for which Mediem has registered exclusive rights, is called Maximum Useful Quality, and is an effective mix of tools and services designed to:

The concept of Maximum Useful Quality is an all-encompassing method that Mediem has extended to all aspects of the property business.



Our history

Mediem is established
Starting business on the
French Riviera
Creation of exclusive marketing tools exclusifs

Mediem Real Estate is established


Our mission

People are at the heart of Mediem strategies.

Therefore, in addition to highly advanced digital tools, we still rely on the human factor as a crucial asset.

We believe that behind an app there is a person: our client, with your needs and requirements.
This is what makes Mediem the one-stop brand for the property market.


What they say about us


Where are we

Mediem Agency France


18038 - Via Nuvoloni, 21
+39 0184 506500
+33 (0) 6 16 34 54 04

Mediem Agency Italie


20122 - Viale Beatrice D'Este 3/A
+39 02 58317190
+39 331 1357446



You will be contacted by one of our consultants and receive all the information you need.
The choice is up to you!

Mediem, the one-stop brand for the property market

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